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Julie was born in Southern California. Max was too.

Julie grew up in a small, safe and beautiful place. Max did too.

Julie went to University of Washington. Max did too.

Julie was in the Greek System. Max was too.

Julie had a significant other throughout college. Max did too.

Julie studied abroad in Rome. Max did too.

Julie moved back to California after college. Max did too.

Julie went to a bar to watch her college football team play one Saturday.
Max did too.

Julie was with her friends from college at the bar. Max was too.

Julie knew Max’s friends. Max knew hers.

Julie knew of Max. Max knew of her.

Julie hated Max’s facial hair. Max did too.

Julie loves Max. Max loves Julie.

These generic similarities seem inconsequential and unimportant. But they are the most important things that have ever happened to them. By growing up in similar areas, going to the same college, living the same lifestyles and believing their passions are so important that they are willing to sacrifice leaving their favorite city, Julie and Max followed a path that led them to each other.

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